Friday, December 26, 2008

12.26 2nd day of Christmas

The first day of Christmas has come and gone, quite nicely for the most part.

The second day of Christmas has me in a finishing sort of mood. I want to finish all the projects that have been hanging over me, and while I certainly won't finish them any time soon, the effort will do me good.

So... here we have a blocked set of vest fronts (Ruby from A Fine Fleece). This is a dangerous state - the next stage is "sewing up" and then "picking up stitches" which is always a stage that takes me a long time to gather the mental strength to tackle. I'm not sure why, as when I'm done, I say "that wasn't so bad" but nevertheless, it always does. I think the problem is that it isn't knitting, which is of course the fun part.

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