Friday, June 06, 2008

6.6 yellow flag

This is the first of my yellow flags to bloom. If the color showing is any guide, there'll be a lot more of them tomorrow.

Cyndy, you're right - this weather makes it really hard to decide what to wear. Two days ago the high was 62, today it was 98. I hate hot weather.

I really feel for the receptionist at the new job. We're on the 3rd floor and her desk is just inside the door. The door faces the atrium. Someone opens the door at the bottom of the atrium and lets in a blast of steamy hot wind. Said wind sweeps up to the top of the atrium and waits for the door to the office to be opened, then sweeps over the poor receptionist. Repeatedly.

I'd have to find a new job or a bucket of ice to put at my feet or something.

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cyndy said...

Yes! My yellow flags are blooming now too...and the blue ones will follow (yellow is always first!)

Each year I tell myself I will weave with the leaves, (they make beautiful baskets...) but each year I get so busy with other things. Maybe this year I will surprise myself!