Tuesday, June 03, 2008

6.3 babies3 & 4

Today's been a day to be nibbled to death by ducks. We started with K oversleeping, J locked his keys in the house, traffic meant that a 17 minute drive turned into 45, forgot the music lessons...

Staring at my garden helps me relax even if nothing else does. Babies #3 and 4 of the six I got from Cathy.


Cathy said...

I found my list but you'll have to match the plants (outside/inside/leaf shape):

#1a Autumn red/yellow
#4 red/yellow spider
#6 bronze
#7 dark red spider
#30 red/red (2-toned)

the last one is a double orange (heritage from the farm) and not one of my hybrids.

Hope this helps in case they don't bloom this year!!

Cathy said...

Inside = throat, and spider is the narrow flowers not the leaf shape.
These may bloom later in the year, too.