Friday, June 20, 2008

6.20 Thunderstorm

S and I went to the gym this evening. On the way home, I was entranced by a perfectly gorgeous thunderhead. We were seeing it side-on, and the setting sun was just to the right of it. The leading edge of the cloud was sheer gold, the first bit or so was rosy red, and the bulk of the cloud was shading into dark deep blues. Across the face of the cloud were sun rays shining gold with the blue behind them, as the light streamed past the edge of the cloud and lit up the moisture in the air that was not actually part of the cloud. It was gorgeous, a symphony in shades of color, and by the time we got home where I had a camera, the sun was farther down, the cloud was farther over, and the whole shebang was behind the trees from our house.

About half an hour later, J came in from flying his airplane and said "we have a thunderstorm in our back yard". The cloud, a solitary individual in an otherwise deep blue sky, was directly over our house and pouring down while snarling with thunder. A look on the weather map showed a clear sky with one tiny red dot of thunderstorm just over our town. It seems rather like that little character Joe Bftplsk (or whatever his name was) from Al Capp, the one who wandered around with his own personal thundercloud just over his head.

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beadlizard said...

Splendid images! Wonder what the turtle thinks of all that water...