Thursday, June 19, 2008

6.19 skein 1

This is the first skein of the merino: white, blue, yellow, green and lavender (in descending order of bulk in the fiber). I think it turned out pretty well, although it is uneven in spaces. I'll wait to measure the skeins for average grist until I have both of them done.

Yesterday's singles is making progress but I don't think I'll finish this weekend - the local club's soccer tournament is this weekend (three games for S and a parking attendancy for J) and K needs to help with the pancake breakfast at the church and then stay to work on tying up the loose ends with her project for Girl Scouts.

I had an unpleasant, rather one sided, conversation this evening with a woman who felt that having her daughter be rude on her behalf should somehow nullify both of them from any consequences of rudeness. How dare I correct her daughter for being rude when we both knew very well that she had told her daughter to do what she did? Well... as her leader, it's my job to correct her when she's rude (with regards to things that I'm a leader for), regardless of the fact that I know she's being rude at her mother's direct order. I fail to see why people should have to put up with rudeness just because we all know who the real instigator is. I also fail to see why I have to put up with being yelled at. When I said as much, she started yelling again. I hung up. She called my co leader complaining and swearing she'll never speak to me again.

I can live with that.

The really interesting thing about this whole scenario is that the person to whom the rudeness was directed is... my co-leader.

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cyndy said...

The skein is lovely!

those colors are so soft and summer like...