Sunday, June 15, 2008

6.15 blue flag

blue flag
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I finally got a daytime picture of my blue flags - just before they're going to be all done. I kept trying to get a picture of them, but since they open up in the early morning and are curling at the edges by evening, they didn't look very nice when I was taking their picture at 7:30 at night.
Today we shifted about 2.5 yards of mulch. Theoretically, it would seem that 5 yards of dirt and 5 yards of mulch should be the same volume, since a "yard" is supposed to be a cubic yard. In practice, they may do them by weight, or it may be that the difference is caused by the fact that we got them from different sources. In any case, in actual practice, the 5 yards of mulch is almost twice as much volume as the 5 yards of dirt was. We put about half of it on the two gardens and then quit fo the day; too hot to do the rest.
After lunch we took a walk down by the Genesee river, along the Greenway path. We wound up walking by the airport fire fighters training facility. One imitation airplane, one imitation car, one "spilled fuel" setup, one building to fill with smoke... A very interesting place to see.
We also saw dozens and dozens of orchids. Unfortunately I didn't have the camera with me. If I can find a picture online I'll post a link to it.

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beadlizard said...

My dad once had an entire dump truck load of sawdust delivered to my garden. It was a foot deep over a 50' x 100' garden, and I double dug it under with a shovel. I was 13 and buff! About two years later my garden was amazing, but it took that long for the sawdust to mellow. Anyway, I've since been very wary of the term "yard" when used in reference to soil, mulch, etc. It's like Woolly Knob's ever-expanding boxes of sliver!