Friday, June 13, 2008

6.13 Calibrichoa

I found a new-to-me plant at the nursery and decided upon this one as my hanging plant for this year. Last year's hanging pot was actually the pot (new plants) from the year before and it bit the dust through sun damage right at the end of last year's season. These calibrichoa (Superbells) look similar to petunias, although miniaturized, and they don't have the petunia aroma which starts bothering me after a while.
The pot has proved to be too heavy for my hanger though, so at the moment it rests on the shelf of the raised bed and may wind up there for the rest of the season if I don't figure something else out.
It may not make it through the season in any case as the flowers seem to be water hogs and must be watered EVERY day. I am not usually quite that organized. Poor things.

Q. If I pity them in advance, will my conscience let me off the hook when they die?

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beadlizard said...

A. Probably not, knowing you! Assign the task to one of the kids perhaps?