Sunday, March 09, 2008

3.9 Sunny day

All in all, we had about a foot of snow between Friday night and Sunday morning. When we got up this morning, there was another 4 inches to shovel from the driveway (making the 5th time we'd shoveled in 24 hours, but more times and less snow to shovel is easier on the back). With all four of us working on it, the drive was clear in about a half hour. It is interesting to think that shoveling the drive is a family activity, but after four winters, the kids don't even squawk about it any more. They just get up, pull their clothes on, and lend a hand.

Yesterday, J and I were busy with an acquaintance in the midmorning. K & S came through the garage, where we were, and said - we're going to shovel the drive again. Our acquaintance sort of looked after them and said - they do it without being asked? (bribed, threatened?)

There are worse things than having your kids think that family chores are just something you do.

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