Sunday, March 02, 2008

3.2 Odds and ends

1. Why didn't someone tell me years ago about Terry Pratchett and Discworld? For some reason I had him confused with a different Terry whose books I will not read, and Discworld struck vague chords of being a different setting which doesn't come readily to mind right now.
I suppose there are worse things than having a complete series of hysterically funny books that one has never read before waiting for one.

2. I'm almost done with the second orange/purply DHF-tussah skein. It's being annoying ever since The White Cat ran through the singles, snapping one of them as she went, and running out yards and yards of three singles to tangle and coil around each other. I got it untangled eventually, but!

3. There is nothing quite so exhausting as having people, who refuse to consider any viewpoint other than their own and who refuse to apply any sort of logic to their arguments, emoting all over one. I'm still recovering today from an episode yesterday. I spent quite a bit of what should otherwise have been my sleeping period working out a possible solution to a situation that arose and to which I had the fortune to become The Messenger. They don't want a solution. They would prefer to wallow in their annoyance. Ok. Tonight, I plan to spend my sleeping period sleeping.

4. The answer to Lola's question is that IF people really wanted to split a 22 pound bump of the DHF, I would charge my costs. Not being a business, it would get very messy if I charged profit; also not being a business, if it came as a single bump, people would need to accept a split by length and not by weight as I don't have the capability to weigh to legal accuracy.

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