Sunday, March 16, 2008

3.16 Where did the weekend go?

My weekend started about 9 am Friday morning and has gone to about 9:30 this evening. This afternoon was somewhat of a down time, as we started recuperating (preparing bid sheets and certificates for a silent auction, picking up palm leaves for Palm Sunday, washing clothes and packing for the camping trip, music lessons, camping trip [first evening, then night on a too hard floor], serving at a pancake breakfast [service project], fixing lunch, dyeing silk scarves and t-shirts, hiking in what's left of the snow, snowball fight, serving at a corned beef and cabbage dinner [youth mission trip fundraiser], home to unpack from the camping, fall in bed, up to go practice with the choir [K - singing, S - trumpet], teach Sunday school, attend congregational meeting [sticky subject, lots of hurt feelings on all sides], home to finish knitting Rogue hood [pictures tomorrow], spin for an hour, help K with her math homework [geometry proofs], medicate K [she's got a cold now])

The best part of the weekend was listening to four girls chattering away in the lodge kitchen, fixing lunch, having a great time, needing no adult supervision, assistance or correction. They really are growing up.

I'm off to fall in bed. 'Night again.

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