Monday, March 10, 2008

3.10 e is for eggplant

Thinking back over the years, I don't remember eating eggplant often when I was growing up. I certainly don't remember anything except the traditional deep purple type. I like the graffiti kind because I find them to be just a bit more tender.

I was rather stuck on 'E' for a bit. 'Elephant' had no personal meaning except for riding on one when I was 7, and particularly admiring the little elephant in my nativity set. 'Elizabeth' seemed a trifle self-reflexive, and besides, what would I say? (Elizabeth for EZ didn't strike me until later and it'd been done.)

Eggplant, however, has become one of my favorite veggies over the years, and I refrain from eating it as often as I like only because it tends to soak up the oil (in my favorite ways of fixing it) and because while my family finds it edible, they don't go overboard on it the way I would. There would be Protests.

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