Saturday, March 01, 2008

3.1 DHF white

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D is for Dunnose Head Farm wool. This is more fun than many things. Their wool has a great deal of the fineness of merino, but it's easier to work with than any commercially processed merino I've tried so far. It's really white and I love dyeing it. I started with five or six bumps of the white and four or five of the chocolate brown. I'm out of the dark shade - the last I had was dyed and is currently being put into the DHF - tussah yarn that's been on display lately. I thought I was almost out of the white, but I found two more bumps while rummaging through boxes in the basement. How lucky can you get?
I knew that Rosemary had gotten caught up in the anthrax furor a few years ago and first had to stop exporting fleeces to the US and then was having difficulties with any fiber. I've been tending to horde my DHF since then. Rumors have circulated that her fiber was available from a British source and that appears to be true. If I can actually replace it, maybe I can bring myself to actually spin the rest of this...
Anyone want to split a 22 pound bump with me?


Lola said...

How much are you charging to split this?

carol said...

Yes, that is where I get mine from. If you have any difficulty over shipping to the US, and you probably won't, get in touch!

I love Rosemary's stuff and use it for teaching and a lot of my own projects.

Good work keeping the blogging up daily, btw!

beadlizard said...

If you put a group together, include me... --Syl, a huge fan of Rosemary and her wool