Sunday, March 30, 2008

3.30 early tulip

Some parts of the yard have melted again. It's supposed to hit sixty and rainy by Wednesday, so pretty much everything except the Big Piles o' Snow will be gone by the end of the week. My tulips are starting up now, so I'm starting to feel a bit hopeful.

It's funny looking down the street from the computer nook window. I'm looking straight east; the houses with southern exposure to their lawns have just a slight border of snow left. The houses with northern exposure to their lawns are still completely white.

This was a good week: My replacement has been identified. My first in-person interview went really well, and my phone interview (different place) went well enough I've been asked in for an in-person there as well. I have hopes of nailing down my co-op (internship) in another week or two. Cross your fingers for me. I'd like this transition to be a smooth one.

My instructor has given us an intermediate date for our 8 page research paper, which was what I needed to make me get off my duff (_on_ my duff in front of the computer?) and start the research-y part of it. I have resources now for 6 out 10 of my topics. I have to have resources for all 10 and an outline for the paper by Thursday - doable if I keep going. And I will - after all, I've got a deadline now.

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