Wednesday, January 27, 2010

1.27 Catching up...

I've been getting a bunch of spinning done; what I have not been getting done is taking pictures or keeping track of what I've been spinning.

So: herewith the first in a series on What I Did on My (Spinning) Vacation.

Once upon a very long time ago (by internet standards), when Spindlicity first opened, they ran a contest. They wanted items made from spindle spun yarn and I obliged by sending myRebozo. It didn't win the grand prize for whatever they were offering, but I did wind up with a consolation prize, which has now become this:


Approximately 320 yards out of 2 oz of Chasing Rainbows merino/silk (approximately 2500 ypp, so light fingering weight or heavy laceweight, however you want to view it). Dunno what it will become yet, aside from a little paperweight.


BammerKT said...

It's very pretty! I never know what to do with the single skeins. What do you do with them?

Oh and I washed that Jacob on mine. I don't do the grease spinning. It feels icky to me. Not that I'm putting down the peeps who love it!

Cookie said...

Woo Hoo!

What a good lookin' yarn cake.