Friday, January 01, 2010

1.1 Not really resolutions...

Just intentions. Things I want to do.
1. Start typing out the blog entries I've been writing in my head.
2. Keeping track of how much I've been knitting and spinning. Just because.
3. Keeping track of what I've been reading. Ditto.

10 in 10

After a bit of armtwisting from someone in the spinning guild, I've signed up for the 10 in 2010 group in Ravelry. The idea is that one works on knitting ten "shawls" in the year 2010. Yhis is mildly attractive as I have a long list of shawls I want to work on, I have a largish stash of laceweight to fingering yarns I have spun and/or dyed that I would like to get turned into shawls, and I have zero interest in worrying about whether I actually finish 10 or not, i.e. no stress. I am pretty sure I'm going to have to dump the group though, as it's only January 1 and already I can't stand the nitwits who have poured out of the woodwork. There's already been arguing over "the rulez" and what "counts" or doesn't count as a shawl. There is a large sprinkling of people who only want to knit free patterns (but will undoubtedly scream blue murder if a mistake is found). There is another large sprinkling of people who can't keep track of who asked what. I've twice been given kindly advice answering a question I answered, not asked. I don't mind gabby people, but I do demand a bit of intelligence in the conversation and the useful nuggets are getting swamped by the blather. I think I'll confine my conversation to the subgroup in my guild who are knitting along.

It has given me the impetus to gather my wants together - shawls to be knit, yarn to be used, compare the one against the other, and actually organize what I think I'm doing. Pictures to follow.


Squishy said...

I lurve you! :D

Cookie said...

I do, too!

I was afraid that group would be a nightmare. Things like that work better when it's invite only. The masses tend to be disappointing at best.

beadlizard said...

I worked up a prospective list of projects for 2010 yesterday and totally spaced shawls. Definitely not knitting ten of them. However, I will happily PRETEND to be in your shawl group and cheer you on(!).