Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sometimes I wonder why I bother with swatching. I do, faithfully, unless I'm doing a shawl where I don't care.

If swatches never worked, I wouldn't bother and neither would anyone else. They do work, but only just enough of the time to give one hope.

Rogue is in balls again this evening.

I did a swatch. I checked my gauge again after I started knitting. It still lied. About 2 inches into knitting, something changed (probably me, duh!) and umpteen inches of knitting later, (having remeasured again), I'm now at 5 stitches/inch instead of the 4.5 I should be (I think... 4? Whatever. It's Wrong, that's all I know at this time of night.)

That would explain why it was a bit short and tight when she tried the body on.

And of course, I didn't pack needles I didn't need and tomorrow's a holiday so the knitting store won't be open...

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