Monday, November 05, 2007

On the drive to and from the theater yesterday, and during the lecture that preceeded the play (pure serendipity that we arrived early enough to be directed into the lecture hall), I started knitting with my new needle (12 inch #3 addi turbo) and then, having gotten about 8 rows done, I ripped out to just above the colorwork and started again. I haven't yet decided if I'm going to rip back down to the top of the cuff and start Again. That will depend on whether, when I find my tape measure, the gauge in the colorwork section is sufficiently off that I'm going to have to rip that too.
Another possibility may be that I may have to get a 12 inch #4 addi turbo. I don't want to think about it - I am using addi turbos for the body so it should be ok but you never know.
Switching from bamboo #3 DPNs to the addi turbo circular gave me a huge visual difference in the gauge. Remind me not to do that again.

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