Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Packing for a 4 day weekend away:
Food items

Got to get to the important things:
Knitting project 1: Rogue (including all extra yarn, pattern, extra needles, darning needle [deemed unnecessary at present], scissors [ditto])
Knitting project 2: Oberstdorf [ditto - only gone 4 days])
Embroidery project: Catch the Wind [almost done, might as well take and finish] (including pattern, fabric, floss, extra needles and scissors)
Spinning project: New green wool to go with the new green silk from FFF. Do I want to spindle this or use the wheel? Spend time sampling.

'spose I'll get much finished? Pictures to follow. (Take the camera and the USB cable).

Note to self: If my FIL's computer isn't fixed, nablopomo is screwed.

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cyndy said...

Have a great get away!

..and have fun with the important things ;-)