Sunday, November 04, 2007

One of the best things about living in a college town is the access to reasonably priced activities available through the universities. It's one of the things we like about a college town. Today's reasonably priced activity was going to Kilbourn Hall at the Eastman School of Music and watching the Eastman Opera Theatre put on A Little Night Music.
I saw this first many years ago on Broadway, when I was in high school, on my senior trip to New York. (Other people take their senior trip to Washington DC. Living near DC we had been taken there every year, sometimes multiple times in a year. Our trip was to NYC, finishing up the day at the theater.) It strikes me as a little odd that my daughter's first trip to "grown up theater" is to see A Little Night Music. I think some of the jokes were over her head, but I'm sure she got some of them. Well, some of them were over my head back then too.
She's a vocalist and a budding theater artist, so she paid as much or more attention to the staging of the production as she did the story line - which was, after all, why we took her. A good afternoon all around.
And the intimacy of Kilbourn Hall was a distinct improvement from the 2 inch figures I remember seeing from the nosebleed section at whatever theater it was way back then.

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