Thursday, November 01, 2007

I am not a student of the kimono, although I have had some chances to see some beautiful ones. One such occasion was a number of years ago a collection of kimono from the Kyoto museum was on display in San Francisco and I spent some happy hours wandering around admiring them. Occasionally I take out my copy of the exhibition catalog and wander through it, remembering.
I hadn't run across mentions of Itchiku Kubota before, a modern kimono artist. Having had him brought to my attention recently, I started poking about for references and pictures.
I need to see these in person at some point. San Diego CA and Canton OH in early 2009, eh?


Margene said...

I few years ago I read about him in Smithsonian Magazine and then happened to be in Washington DC during the exhibit in the Natural History Museum. It was AMAZING! I think I bought a book of his designs, too.

beadlizard said...