Saturday, September 04, 2010

9.4 Random babble

I'm so glad it's moving into September. The temperature outside is 67F and we have the windows open and I'm actually wearing long pants vs. shorts for the first time in, oh, what feels like six months. Probably really only 3, but when one is hot, time drags.


K is at a car wash fundraiser. She went to it dressed as though today were yesterday (you know, when it was still 89F). I took pity on her and went back after a while with a jacket and sweatpants.


J is working on the car (the power steering suddenly has no power steering fluid). He has just come back from the store (for the umptieth time getting tools and parts and...). He found himself in the plumbing aisle at the hardware store, chatting with a fellow getting plumbing parts. I'll spare you the recitation of their conversation, except to say that at some point the guy's eyes glazed over and after a blank moment, he said "you must be an engineer".

I fell apart laughing.


It's September so it's only two weeks to Fingerlakes Fiber Fest. I don't need any fiber, I don't particularly need any tools... Tell me why I'm going again?

oh, right. Never mind ;-)

I'll be there on Sunday because I have to work the gate for a couple of hours. I'm still debating whether I want to go on Saturday too. I suppose I ought to look at the schedule.


Cookie said...

You're going because you have to hug our Joan for me!

pacalaga said...

sounds like fun.

gayle said...

I'm actually going to be in upstate NY that weekend (about 2 hrs away from the festival) but Saturday is the day of my Dad's party (the reason I'm going to be there) and I'll be heading home Sunday (in the opposite direction...)

MsKnottyKnits said...

That sounds like it's going to be a good time!

And hey, even though we don't -need- fiber, some fiber always seems to need us. ;-)

Diane said...

Thanks for the link to the festival. My sister lives in upstate NY, I just sent her the link. /jealous

I'm confused, what does needing fiber have to do with it?