Thursday, May 20, 2010

5.20 Been plying...

I've not gotten much spinning done of late, but there has been a bit of plying going on:

Spindle spun BFL (from High Bid Farm)



my rustic yarn all plied up, rinsed and air-dried.


That's all there is of the BFL (unless I buy another bit of top, which would be a different dye lot) and I haven't measured it yet. It's fingering weight, maybe.

That's about a quarter of the Cotwold (I have a pound of it), but I haven't measured the grist yet. This one should be sport weight or light worsted, something in that range. It should make a nice vest, lightweight and warm.


Cookie said...


Do those count as training for the Tour?

beadlizard said...

That spindle spun is really consistent! Nice!

gayle said...

Both are lovely yarns! I especially love the colors in the BFL - can't wait to see how it looks knitted up.

Cathy said...


I do love the BFL and can't wait to see the knitting.