Wednesday, March 03, 2010

3.3 And last but not least

of the wips I finished off during the Olympics:
One Artisan's Vest from the Green Mountain Spinnery Knitting Book. I really like the color, I liked knitting it, I wanted a vest to keep my shoulders cold (we had just moved to NY from Oregon - in January). I got it all finished, just needed to tuck in the ends, and realized that the mohair content in the Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride is too much for me. The ends go straight through whatever I put under it and give me a prickly rash. That completely dampened my interest in finishing it off and there it sat.

It's been an ongoing source of irritation for me, sitting there in the drawer and being useless (because unfinished), when there must be people who could and would wear it just fine. Now I can send it on its way, somewhere, anywhere, and let someone else enjoy it and be warm.


pacalaga said...

Mohair is like that with me. Darn those mos, anyway. It's pretty, though.

Cookie said...

What a wonderful color! I'm sorry you have to find it a new home. It's such a lovely vest.