Tuesday, March 23, 2010

3.23 10 signs of spring

1. Obligatory crocus pictures from those of us in the northeast.

2. Robins have been spied flitting about and listening for worms.
3. Our precipitation has changed from snow to rain.
4. The incredible 7 foot snow mountain in the front yard has dwindled...
5. ...and the grass is starting to green-up.
6. Indoor track practice has given way to outdoor track practice.
7. Being much more opportunistic, the weeds have started sprouting, although it is still too cold to spend a lot of time eradicating them.
8. Seed and flower catalogs are arriving weekly.
9. Planning for summer activities is starting to kick into high gear.
10. I'm waiting somewhat impatiently for the notice that a particular fleece is available for purchase, although I have no need whatsoever for a new fleece and am not at all sure I'm going to buy it.

(all right, who was that in the back going 'liar, liar, pants on fire'?)


pacalaga said...

It was me.
LOVE those crocuses. Croci? We don't get them here.

Elizabeth said...

I thought it sounded like you.

I've always thought it should be croci, myself, although crocuseses sometimes gets a look-in.

gayle said...

We don't have crocuses, yet, but they should be along soon.
Spring just can't come fast enough for me!