Monday, November 09, 2009

11.9 Missing day...

Yesterday completely disappeared. What happened to Sunday? I dunno.

Monday has been ok. The house is quiet - J & S are off to the school Soccer Banquet. I like the way this school district does things: Scholastic awards are presented at the school, in an evening event to which parents are invited via an invitation mailed to the home*. Music and sports awards are presented at an off-campus event, sponsored by the parents group associated with the particular extracurricular activity, to which parents are invited by somebody running off copies and handing them to the students so they can lose them followed by somebody running off more copies and running around at the last event (three days after the deadline to turn them in) and asking anxiously - have you gotten one of these yet?

K is mostly over her flu - just an ear infection left, which will, with any luck, succumb immediately to the antibiotics.

*While this is a good example of the difference in emphasis and I appreciate the heck out of the difference, I deeply resent the wastage of paper, envelopes, ink, time and postage, of all of the mailings sent home by the schools here. As a parent I was trained in the stern halls of a poor elementary school in California, where only one paper was sent home for each family, sent with the oldest child in the family, and volunteers made the copies and carefully counted out just enough copies for each classroom. Parents knew things came home with their kids and expected to get them.

Here in NY, students are apparently considered incapable of handling such higher responsibilities and the amount of wastage is amazing. The worst case was when the school sent me a letter to tell me that they were going to send me another letter and I should expect it. I kept turning the first letter over and looking in the envelope to try to figure out what I was missing.

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cyndy said...

I so agree with you on this post.

When I worked at my sons district, I watched so much waste happen right before my eyes..MY TAX DOLLARS...wasted each and every day in very interesting ways....

ps..I would be happy to send you the recipe from my post, I don't have your email...could you pm me?