Wednesday, November 25, 2009

11.25 Drive by blogging

Things have been a little interesting for a while and aren't going to calm down yet.

1. I have a part time temporary job, filling in for a one person office whose one person has disappeared in the time suck of Family Emergencies (not 1, not 2, but 3 simultaneous emergencies). This will keep me busy for at least another week after the holiday.
2. The play went well. Really, really well.
3. The guests who came to see the play have come and gone.
4. The sickies are all well again. The sickest has almost finished catching up on the week of homework/schoolwork/tests she missed.
5. The dog has lymphoma and has been given "a few weeks". He "might make it through New Year's." Merry Christmas.
6. It's going to rain all the way to our Thanksgiving destination. It's supposed to be sunny on the way back.
7. I have the Never-Ending-Ball of Yarn to take with me, and the next ball of yarn, just in case I actually finish up the NEBoY. I also need to get the pattern for the last corner of the Corner-to-Corner, just in case, etc. (I knit the first ball of yarn, then started into the NEBoY and decided that when I got to the end of the NEBoY it would be time to start the last corner. That decision hasn't changed in the last two months while I've been working on the NEBoY.)

Have a good Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

11.12 Thankful Thursday

Today's edition of Thankful Thursday is brought to you by Family:

1. I'm thankful for the good relationship I have with both my sibs. We did the obligatory bickering as teenagers, but we get along really well as adults. We puzzle those in-laws who don't have the benefit of getting along with their sibs, but over the past twenty-odd years they have gotten over most of their bewilderment and like hanging with us as well.
2. I'm thankful for the fact that all four of my kids' grandparents have been interested in making good relationships with their grandchildren, without having an overwhelming desire to tell us we were doing it all wrong.
3. I'm thankful for my husband and my kids, who are pretty fun people to hang around with. Our kids keep us on the run, being interested in doing all kinds of things, but it's probably good for us.

Speaking of being on the run, the play starts tonight and goes for four performances (Thursday, Friday, Saturday mat, Saturday night). I'm helping in the box office for most of those - I will be thankful when all of that is over!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

11.10 Foods

A bit ago Claudia asked what people liked about November and many of the answers came back as food, which apparently surprised her, as she doesn't associate any month with a given food.

I mentioned foods in my answer to her, but really, I would probably have mentioned foods associated with almost any month mentioned. It's not that I eat more at any one time of the year than at any other, it's just that I grew up, and have continued, a yearly cycle of menus. My cycle as chief cook differs from my mother's to some extent, but she and I both depend a great deal on "what's in season". Additionally, while we definitely have some "holiday foods", these are in substitution for other foods, not in addition to those foods.

So, herewith is my list of foods by month in which we eat them. If you ask me what I like about these months, these foods will come up!

January: New Year's Day we have tamales, because that's an easy going day where all the hands are available for fixings!
February: Artichokes: my mother's b'day is in Feb and she always requested them for her birthday; February is when they first showed in the grocery stores on the east coast. Also, Angel food cake and strawberries (frozen), ditto.
March: I don't care for corned beef, my family does. I fix it once a year, in March.
April: Crown roast of pork for Easter dinner. I fix it then because it is sometimes available then without having to special order one.
May: My birthday - Pecan pie. I don't bother much with b'day cake; b'day pie is another matter! Also, if I can get them, fresh spargeln.
June: Strawberries. Bacon Lettuce sandwiches (don't ask me why this one - It's Traditional. Maybe because that's when the early lettuce is ready?)
July: Blueberries. Grilled items. Lettuce salads.
August: Watermelon and fresh corn. Cantelope. Maple syrup we get when we go to Canada. More grilled items.
September: Fresh corn. Squashes. Grapes.
October: Winter squashes in casserole.
November: Sourdough bread - bread season starts in November when the house is cool enough to bake again. Pumpkin pie. Turkey?
December: Turkey?* Waldorf salad (the kind with mustard dressing not mayo), and butterhorns.

Obviously we eat a lot of other things, but these are the main seasonal ones, and they belong in their own time of the year. What things do you associate with a given month or season?

* Turkey is a toss-up between Thanksgiving and Christmas - once we've had one turkey a year, we're done for another year. Which makes S ever so sad as it is one of his favorites. Last year, he learned to roast a turkey himself so that we would have it twice in a year.

Monday, November 09, 2009

11.9 Missing day...

Yesterday completely disappeared. What happened to Sunday? I dunno.

Monday has been ok. The house is quiet - J & S are off to the school Soccer Banquet. I like the way this school district does things: Scholastic awards are presented at the school, in an evening event to which parents are invited via an invitation mailed to the home*. Music and sports awards are presented at an off-campus event, sponsored by the parents group associated with the particular extracurricular activity, to which parents are invited by somebody running off copies and handing them to the students so they can lose them followed by somebody running off more copies and running around at the last event (three days after the deadline to turn them in) and asking anxiously - have you gotten one of these yet?

K is mostly over her flu - just an ear infection left, which will, with any luck, succumb immediately to the antibiotics.

*While this is a good example of the difference in emphasis and I appreciate the heck out of the difference, I deeply resent the wastage of paper, envelopes, ink, time and postage, of all of the mailings sent home by the schools here. As a parent I was trained in the stern halls of a poor elementary school in California, where only one paper was sent home for each family, sent with the oldest child in the family, and volunteers made the copies and carefully counted out just enough copies for each classroom. Parents knew things came home with their kids and expected to get them.

Here in NY, students are apparently considered incapable of handling such higher responsibilities and the amount of wastage is amazing. The worst case was when the school sent me a letter to tell me that they were going to send me another letter and I should expect it. I kept turning the first letter over and looking in the envelope to try to figure out what I was missing.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

11.7 Swatching

The red became a swatch:

Wash, blocked and dried. Moss stitch, meant for a filler in an SOA.

Friday, November 06, 2009

11.6 Dyeing again

This time I dyed some fiber. Using the same basic technique, but allowing the temperature to go a bit higher, I wound up having to rinse only twice before it ran clear. A significant improvement over the dyeing with yarn and red dye earlier. This was a pound of Dunnose Head Farm white and will probably get spun up soon as I have the itch to play with it.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

11.5 Thankful Thursday

Three things I'm thankful for?

1. Cats: Despite the fact that I grumble when they annoy me (really, a wet cold nose in the armpit at 4:30 am?) they are soft, cuddly, better than a hot water bottle when I'm sick, and it's incredibly soothing to pat one when I'm stressed.
2. Gardens: Despite the fact that I grumble when I have to weed or water or mulch them, I adore watching them grow and develop, changing from season to season, and particularly when they are in bloom.
3. Pumpkin pie: There is no "despite" associated with pumpkin pie.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

11.4 Lentil soup

The ick list has been lengthening - J seems to be developing a sinus infection and K came home from school early with a headache and sore throat. She took a nap, and awoke with a temperature which was rapidly rising. No play practice for her tonight.

Lentil Soup was on the menu for the sick and ailing:

in a 3 quart crock pot:

2 cups lentils
1.5 cups sliced carrots
1 cup sliced celery
8 cloves garlic, chopped
2 tsp Italian herb mix (Penzey's)
64 oz chicken broth

Cook on high for 2 hours, (add more liquid if needed) then cook on low for 3 hours more. I added 1.5 cups diced ham in the last hour.

Sourdough bread on the side!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

11.3 Proof of spinning

Pics or it didn't happen?
Here you go.
This is the second bobbin. The first bobbin is hidden from the cat - I'll have to fish it out and get a pic of that one too.

Monday, November 02, 2009

11.2 He does.

He has the flu. He's feeling better.

The rest of us? The jury is still out.

I'm getting some spinning done: Purple BFL from High Bid Farm, acquired at Fingerlakes Fiber Festival.


Sunday, November 01, 2009

11.1 Does he or doesn't he?

J isn't feeling well. Sore throat, runny nose, cough, achy all over, little bit of a fever.

He sat in a conference room three days this week with someone who went home early the third day with a "fever and flu-like symptoms".

Does he or doesn't he have the flu? Only time will tell.

Will or won't the rest of us? Ditto.