Saturday, June 27, 2009

6.27 Blooms and irritations

The lily forest has started blooming - the Asiatics, as expected are first. The ones to the left, just starting, are the red carpet lilies. The ones in the center are the "ones that were sold to me as red carpet lilies, but aren't". This year the differences are even more apparent; not only are the blooms more orange and more broadly shaped, the plants are almost half again as tall as the red carpets.
I don't dislike the plants for themselves, but for the fact that they don't make the nice border all the way across that I originally envisioned. (I don't dislike them enough to rip them out and start over, but just enough that I will whine about it each year when they get to this point.)
In the back you can see that the Tango lilies in front of the window have just started blooming - the orange ones are always first.

My crankiness level is way up since I started breaking out with poison ivy on my face yesterday. I'm not a happy camper, just itchy.


Birdsong said...

Sorry to hear about the poison ivy... we have poison oak here so I know your pain. As for the lilies, they are fantastic, especially for a gardener who can't have a border like that; deer would have already nipped all the flower buds off!

beadlizard said...

The border is gorgeous. Frankly, I like the non-red-carpets more than the red carpet lilies! The higher orange content makes them easier for me to see.

Your house looks lovely, too.

Sorry about the dratted rash.