Saturday, April 05, 2008

4.5 Progress?

I got the bodice (mostly) and the skirt (mostly) done for K's dress today. I tried the bodice on her this evening - it seems to be ok. The skirt ? not so much so. The zipper slit doesn't go down far enough - the skirt won't go on either from the top or the bottom. The next question is - once it does go on, will it be too tight? Or exactly right? It's hard to tell when you can't squeeze it on over either the butt or the boobs. I think it's going to be too tight, which means we have more of a problem than just how far down the zipper goes.

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beadlizard said...

I hate shallow zipper slits! BTDT. Should be an easy fix if you have a long enough zipper? I've ended up dropping the zipper down and either scooping the back neck or adding a few buttons or hooks at the top to make up the difference.

I went to Stonemountain today and picked up 7 yards of 124" cotton quilt batting to use as a rug pad for the big Persian in our living room, used my 20% off coupon, and the ladies gave me another coupon to use later this month. Yay! Also got some navy lining for the plaid jumper DD wants. NO ZIPPER -- it slips over her head. Mom gave away the pattern but I have a jumper to copy.

Did you finish writing that paper?