Thursday, April 03, 2008

4.3 crocuses

If I had taken this picture yesterday, you would only have seen yellow. The blue ones popped up today. The speed at which crocuses do their thing always amazes me.

In random happenings today:
The temperature went from 22 F this morning to 58 F this afternoon. A nice day for wandering around the campus and getting paperwork done.

I stopped at the grocery store on the way home and as I walked in, an older couple (in their 80s perhaps?) were checking out Mart Carts (those grocery store provided scooters with grocery baskets mounted at the front end. This isn't too unusual, except that one doesn't usually see people checking out his-n-hers carts. I wouldn't have thought anything about it except that when I was in the meat dept. I had to pause to let the gentleman pass - he was swimming upstream of the planned traffic flow. Then, when I got to the deli counter, he passed me again, swimming upstream once more. He still didn't have anything in his basket. When I got to the milk section, here he came again, still unladen, still headed upstream. He passed me one more time, and then I swung down an intermediate aisle and didn't see him again until I was leaving the store. He was parking the cart. I watched, sort of bemused, as he walked out of the store (just fine, no apparent difficulty with walking, although it isn't always obvious), went and got the car, and met his wife at the curb where he helped her off her cart and into the car, loaded the groceries she'd bought, then went and parked her cart for her.
If he were 17 you know they wouldn't let him pass the time riding laps around the store, but he seemed to have enjoyed it.

I finished my intermediate milestone for my 8 page research paper and handed it in tonight. Tomorrow I'll continue with the readings. Oh boy!

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