Monday, April 28, 2008

4.28 Weekly Reader

I've given up on the 50 Book Challenge this year. It just isn't where my head is. Instead, I've decided to post the weekly list of books I've finished in the past seven days, even if I've read them before. I specify "finished", because sometimes I pick up a book and it takes weeks or months to actually finish it, whereas others are picked up and finished the same day.

With that in mind, this past week's list is:
  1. Clouds of Witnesses / Dorothy Sayers / An excellent favorite
  2. Aunt Dimity's Death / Nancy Atherton / First in a series, it's a charming, easy going mystery
  3. Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself / Alan Alda / A good read. Now I'll have to find Never Have Your Dog Stuffed
  4. Killing Time / Linda Howard / Quasi-SF/Romance, a good read, not my favorite of hers.
  5. Trio for the Chair / Rex Stout / I've always liked his shorts best.
And a never-gonna-finish: The Wild Baron / Catherine Coulter - I can go with the willing suspension of disbelief thing, but this one is just pushing me too far - we've had one wild swing too many and I fell off the wagon about halfway through the book.

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beadlizard said...

Coulter's historicals aren't generally as good as her modern suspense, and the FBI series has become formulaic. Elizabeth Hoyt's prince books are pretty good if you want a historical.