Monday, April 28, 2008

4.27 Another paper...

My instructor posted the instructions for our "final". It's due during finals week, not before the end of the quarter, but it is, in fact, another paper to write. The format of the paper is much more strictly defined; the content of the paper is much more generally defined (IOW, Huh? what are we supposed to be doing?) and best of all, the desired length of the paper was completely undefined.

When asked to clarify desired minimum/maximum length, the answer is:

10 pages is probably the minimum possible to get the amount of detail desired, maximum is to be 20 pages.

So... We have 22 days to write a 20 page paper. Urph.

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beadlizard said...

Chin up and TTTW. I really do think the topic is fascinating and totally relevant in the modern work world. Good luck! Feel free to call and whine, email drafts for comments from DH, etc.

Oh, DD was very pleased with herself -- she solved one of N's programming problems for him.