Tuesday, January 08, 2008

1.8 This is what was left of the other end of the bump dyeing experiment. The navy blue end, this is also 3 ply sportweight or so, and originally should have been about as much yardage as the red, except that I set it aside to play with something else and then lost what was left before I got back to it. I'll probably wind up finding it again someday, long after it is too late to try to put it together with this. Isn't that always the way?
Navy DHF
K is feeling much better, thank you, and is back to school today. She was rather panting at the bit to get back; worried about missing too much and needing to catch up. I figure if she's got the energy to argue with me that she should go, she's got the energy to be there. There are worse things than having conscientious perfectionist children. My time is generally spent trying to get them to quit beating up on themselves rather than pressuring them to do better. Except when it comes to housework of course. Let's don't be silly!

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