Tuesday, January 01, 2008

1.1 Happy New Year! I hope that you all are having a good day. We're sitting inside by the fire, enjoying looking out at the snow. We've had two inches of soggy wet snow, perfect for making a snowman, and are expecting an unknown but large quantity of additional snow. It quit snowing for a while, but we now have big lazy flakes falling down, some almost two inches across.
I said that I don't make resolutions, and that is true, but several years ago (about the time I quit making resolutions) I started spending New Year's Day in making propitiatory intentions. I spend the day in those activities I wish to continue for the next year. (This can be both good and bad - I have spent the past two New Year's Days avoiding housework like the plague. My house looks like it.)
Today's activities have so far included:
  1. Knitting
  2. Spinning on the wheel
  3. Spinning on the spindle
  4. Baking (sticky buns, Yum!)
  5. Quiet time with my spouse
  6. Working on a jigsaw puzzle
  7. Laundry
  8. Listening to a book (Crocodile on the Sandbank)
  9. Reading a book (Talk Talk Talk)
  10. Taking a nap
  11. Writing on the blog
  12. Thumbing through the latest gardening catalog and starting a list

Further activities (as currently planned):

  • Excavating my bedroom (this is the site to which all loose items migrate)
  • Fixing dinner (spiral cut glazed ham, green beans and rosemary cheese potatoes)
  • Quiet time with each child

Working out my planned list of activities for the day is the mental activity of some days ahead of time, and while it doesn't have the "you must do this and you are awful if you fail" of "making resolutions", it does help me focus on what I find important and what I'd like to do more of in the coming year. Unlike a resolution, which I usual fail on in the second week, an intention is just that - if I don't do it today (and few things get done every day), there's always tomorrow. So... What's in your tomorrow?


cyndy said...

Sounds like a perfectly lovely day to me!

Happy New Year...
(and my tomorrow finds me with a snow shovel..btw I built a snowman today!)

Elizabeth said...

It was a nice day - quiet and busy. K and S built a snowman (and had to build a ramp to get the second layer up on top of the first layer). My tomorrow has not yet found me with a snowshovel (interfamilial territory agreements - I don't shovel in the morning unless it's over six inches deep; this morning we only had four inches).