Wednesday, January 30, 2008

1.30 The wind is here

And so is the snow. The wind arrived early this morning, from the WSW as advertised, and it is positively roaring through the trees. It's a constant background sound for the day, sometimes rising to foreground noise. We lost power about 7 am and finally got it back about 12:15 p. The house temperature had dropped about 7 degrees F in that time and I had moved all the frozen goods from the refrigerator out to the garage. I can't imagine how much heat we would have lost had we not been a new house with modern insulation.
The snow is filling the air, horizontally. Patches on the roads are scoured clean and, in other places, it is starting to drift deeply. The snowflakes are the tiny things spawned of frigidly cold air, squeaking underfoot, and blinding to the driver as they are tossed in huge clouds across the road. School was in session, which was just as well as the school had heat and we didn't.
My office at work was sans electricity as well, which ordinarily wouldn't matter as I don't work Wednesdays, but in this case I intended go in for an extra hour or two to work on setting up my new computer. I went anyway, as I didn't know whether there was electricity or not, and I would have just stayed and read my homework papers there, but the fire alarm box was distressed at not having electricity, so it went "beep-beep" every 30 seconds. I stuck it out for 20 minutes and then went grocery shopping instead.

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