Tuesday, January 22, 2008

1.22 There are times I really dislike blogger.

It checks to see if I have cookies enabled every time I try to log in from the main page. About one in three times, it decides I don't and gives me the no-cookies page instead of my login page. Nothing changes on my system in-between times. If I log in from my blog, it doesn't do this. I hate software bugs, particularly when I'm not in a position to go hunting them down and shooting them dead.

We have whiteout conditions at the moment - lake effect snow that is swirling wildly around in the front porch eddy and blurring the lamppost across the street. The neighbor-across-the-street's house is invisible. I have cinnamon shortbread cooling on the stove and honey-buttermilk bread rising in the bread machine. My homework is done for the day. Time to go turn on the fireplace and finish (maybe) some Rogue sleeves.

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