Friday, January 18, 2008

1.18 Sock Intentions

One of my intentions for this coming year is to learn more about knitting socks. I've knit socks to a pattern; now I want to understand about knitting socks at a more detailed level.
Given the reviews I've seen, I don't think that Cat Bordhi's sock book is the way I want to go. With all due respect for Ms. Bordhi's methods, I'm really interested in learning about the detailed design choices to be made in knitting socks the traditional way. At least at the moment.
My MIL got me this for Christmas.

socksbook And I got myself some of this:

from the January online sale at Woodland Woolworks. I thought perhaps K might like the purpley/red but she still wants the green I'm spinning. (I'm not trying to keep her from the green, I was just surprised at the choice.) She's been telling me the green should be sock yarn ever since I brought it home.

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Cathy said...

I have the CS book (and the 2nd one too). I like the format really well, but haven't made any socks from it yet.

I am just finishing the adult sized Little Sky sock which makes much more sense to me (I modified it to fit me instead of a baby) and I learned a lot.

Of course, you realize I have to do everything the hard way. ;-)