Thursday, January 17, 2008

1.17b Picky cats, Orchestras, and Living in a town rich with higher education

More randomness for the day:
1. We got a kitten when our old lady cat was very old. She was highly reactive to anything with chicken in it so there was no cat food in the house with chicken of any kind. Our kitten grew used to foods without chicken and, now, two years later has grown into a very picky cat. Unfortunately, his first favorite food was discontinued by the manufacturer. His second favorite food was superceded by his third favorite food (the previously second favorite food is now anathema, apparently) and his third favorite food has now been bumped by a new favorite. Salmon and rice is apparently the only food worth eating and since we have a bag, and a half a bag left of his previously second and third favorite foods, we are somewhat annoyed with him. He's also getting quite svelte turning up his nose at various cat foods. Since this manufacturer has already shown that they think nothing of discontinuing brand lines, I am really reluctant to allow him to dictate one kind or nothing.
2. The Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra is giving a free concert. It's pretty cool that the offspring have apparently been sufficiently brainwashed into appreciating music that they are telling me that they have got to go see this.
3. One of the really nice things about living near a fairly large urban setting with several large centers of higher learning is that it is entirely possible to get the whole family out to reasonably priced cultural activities. So far this school year we've been to the theater ($20 for 4), been to the opera ($35 for 3) and tonight, we're off to see the orchestra ($0 for 4). We can, if we choose, go see much more expensive things as well, but it doesn't have to break the bank, for which I am extremely grateful.

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