Saturday, January 12, 2008

1.12 Saturday blather

It's been a busy day. Grey, occasionally drizzly, sometimes extremely windy, it seemed a good day to do housework. It's also been a good day to go pick out items for indoor gardening.
I'll spare you the details on the housework, but just say that it went well, even the part where I harassed the kids into doing their share.
The indoor gardening also went well. Insecticidal soap should take care of the critters brought indoors with the pot of mums. New plant stands will allow me to put the pot of mums where it will a. stop cluttering up the kitchen counter and b. get more sunlight, thereby becoming a more robust shade of green. Right now it rather resembles someone who has been rather ill for six weeks - that "interesting pallor" that develops. I also got larger pots for the last year's poinsettias, new pots for the new amaryllis bulbs (after Christmas sale at White Flower Farm) and more potting soil for the African violets who haven't had any for a good while.
That should keep me busy tomorrow.

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