Wednesday, July 11, 2007

When I first moved into this house (3 summers ago?) I started a bed of lilies. In the front of the bed were the asiatics pictured previously (in yellow, pale orange and dark orange). In the back were daylilies which are now starting to open. Well, the stella d'oro have already been and gone, but the rest of them are now starting. These were a mixed bag and I've no idea which is which. Someday I may have time to peruse through catalogs and put names to them. (This picture looks warped to me, as though taken with a fisheye lens or something, but it's untouched. The bloom just looks a bit warped in person, that's all.) And as you can see, Hyrna has moved into the chart B phase. It's not a new observation that it is difficult to photograph lace in progress on a circular needle, but there you go. I like the chart B section. As with chart A, there is a mathematical placidity about the pattern that is pleasing, and there're only two rows to alternate between; extremely easy lace.
I need to find where I put Sylvia's notes about expanding HH - she worked it all out and I'd rather not muddle through the process again. Having expanded the first section (which I noted on my copy ) I think I also want to expand the second section to keep the proportions of the original the same. This I didn't note on my copy because I didn't get that far on my first stab at this pattern. Time to rummage through the stack o' paper.


Cathy said...

I like the daylily (another duh for you) and your books are enticing too. I'll have to look for them. Sylvia is so good about posting changes, isn't she?

beadlizard said...

If I send you my notes, can you explain them to me? I'm just winging it at this point because the numbers aren't quite making sense... We're at almost the same point, if you've gone a little farther since posting. -s