Thursday, May 01, 2014

5.1.2014 Bosworths and silk

I got to thinking about my Bosworth spindles which haven't all been in one place in quite a while.  I hadn't noticed that they had all acquired silk.  Birdseye maple midi with natural tussah silk dyed by me in a bound resist on the left.  On the right we have a moosie with natural bombyx silk, a tulipwood mini with natural bombyx hankies and a walnut featherweight with commercially dyed tussah that was almost certainly bleached not natural.

That was probably the last bleached tussah I'll ever buy - I just don't like the chalky feel it gives the silk.

I'm off to MS&W and I've got to decide what size I want next...  The midi is as large as I plan to go, I like the moosie but don't need a second - I think it will come down to what choices are available in the featherweight and mini sizes.  I already have a second mini somewhere in the world, but the bag it was in went missing three or four years ago and I'm slowly losing hope in finding it again.  Maybe if I replace it, I'll find it?

One missing knitting (wegman's reusable grocery) bag with one mini Bosworth, the fiber on and with it (who knows now what it was) and the last ball of yarn needed to finish a stole.  Obviously if I'd had any sense I would have given up ages ago and replaced the replaceable things.  If I'd done that I'd know where my bag was by now.

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