Wednesday, April 02, 2014

4.2.2014 Rock Island done

The Rock Island shawl is finished: washed, blocked, worn, the whole nine yards.  Photographed finally.

Most of the lace was in the edging, then a bit more in the panel.  Not a difficult lace - the pattern is very repetitive and easy to follow.  Not so easy to pick up when you catch your needle on the side of the sofa and rip a jagged section off the needles - I tried picking up three times, then gave up, took whole thing back to the lower garter stitch section and reknit the entire lace panel a second time.  This may in theory have taken a little longer than picking up and fixing the issue properly, but since I find fixing a problem stressful and reknitting the panel soothing, the choice wasn't all that hard to make.

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