Friday, April 11, 2014

4.11.2014 More pink silk, but slowly

The best thing about having two wheels is the ability to easily switch between two different projects.  I like spinning silk, but it has gotten harder on my hands.  I've noticed that when I have a silk project on the Lendrum, I go longer and longer between times of sitting down to spin.  It doesn't actually feel bad; it just isn't something I find I have the impulse to do very often.  I really like the finished product though, so I still do it.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

4.8.2014 Latest lace blob

This is one of the shawl's on my bucket list: Pacific Northwest by Evelyn Clark.  I intended to take the purple merino with me on vacation (off to not-very-sunny-at-the-time Charleston, SC).  The pattern I wanted wouldn't print at all reasonably, so I grabbed the alpaca lace I had sitting about and the one copy of the two of Pacific Northwest that I had sitting about and a random needle I had sitting about (a size smaller than called for I think but didn't ever bother checking).

I think it's coming out well for being a grab-and-go project. 

Saturday, April 05, 2014

4.5.2014 More grey corriedale

I suspect that should I ever want blog fodder in the next five years I can drag out the grey Corriedale again.

No one would every be able to be quite sure whether I was showing you a work in process or just pulling your leg.

This is bobbin six of the singles, to be the last of the singles needed for the bobbin above; bobbin 2 of the chain plied finished product.  I do like spinning this stuff long draw.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

4.2.2014 Rock Island done

The Rock Island shawl is finished: washed, blocked, worn, the whole nine yards.  Photographed finally.

Most of the lace was in the edging, then a bit more in the panel.  Not a difficult lace - the pattern is very repetitive and easy to follow.  Not so easy to pick up when you catch your needle on the side of the sofa and rip a jagged section off the needles - I tried picking up three times, then gave up, took whole thing back to the lower garter stitch section and reknit the entire lace panel a second time.  This may in theory have taken a little longer than picking up and fixing the issue properly, but since I find fixing a problem stressful and reknitting the panel soothing, the choice wasn't all that hard to make.