Monday, March 31, 2014

To get your very own wall o' snow:

Step 1: Have the weatherman predict snow, then hastily at the last minute upgrade it to 1 or 2 inches, no, 3 or 6 inches, what the heck, lets go for 8 or more!
Step 2: Have your neighbor move all his cars out of the driveway so he can have a furniture delivery made at 8 pm at night.  This will give him a good reason to forget that he's left his car in the street.
Step 3: Get 8 inches snow overnight and have the snowplow come down the street a couple of times before your neighbor gets dug out.  3 feet of snow piled up on all sides will give him lots to work with.
Step 4: Once you've help push your neighbor over that last barrier to freedom, wait for the snowplow to come back down the street to shove all that lovely pile of snow across the end of your drive.


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