Saturday, January 08, 2011

1.8.11 New beginning

I plan to knit with the Polwarth skein, but the last skein of last year has been lying on the kitchen island (where it was set after the cats dragged it out of the knitting basket) and every time I passed it, it called my name. I have approximately 650 yards of grey corriedale (pindrafted top spun sort-of long draw/sort-of point-of-contact) plied with Tussah silk from Interlacements. The Interlacements top is one I bought years and years ago because I liked the saturated colors, but then couldn't stand the randomness of the colors. I finally divided the colors into green/blue and red/purple. I have another, smaller skein of the grey with the red/purple.


Ishbel is in progress.


MsKnottyKnits said...

I am loving the subtle color changes. Great choice for a shawl with lots of stockinette!

gayle said...

Beautiful! The shawl will be absolutely stunning.

Diane said...

You are positively productive for so early in the year. Love the pinkish spinning and this gray is going to make a great shawl.