Thursday, January 06, 2011

1.6.11 First spinning of the year

I dyed the red and blue in separate pots. The remainder of the red dye pot was used to dye another stray piece of top. My first spinning of the year has resulted in this:


I'm spinning it short draw and, after a bit of sampling, decided that I needed to make a three ply rather than two. I've taken the red end from the red/blue top and am making a third single. I briefly debated chain-plying, but I didn't want to lose the length. The third single should be finishable tomorrow - maybe I can even start plying. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have a fingering-weight when I'm done, but I haven't sampled the washed yarn, so I'm not positive yet.


MsKnottyKnits said...

Girl, you are fast!! I can't wait to see it finished - looks great so far!

gayle said...

That yarn is going to be sooooo pretty! Can't wait to see it plied.

Cookie said...

Beautiful spinning!

pacalaga said...

pretty! I have socks in a similar colorway and I lurves them.