Tuesday, January 04, 2011

1.4.11 Happy birthday, sweet 16!

Sixteen years ago this evening, K got the little brother she'd been waiting for. Her ecstasy lasted all of about 2 days, but it was nice while it lasted. Her enthusiasm waxed again when he started paying attention, because he thought she was wonderful and she thought he was the best audience she'd ever had.

This blissful state of affairs lasted until he was about 6 months; he started crawling and none of her belongings have ever been safe again.

It is nice to know that they have managed to grow up as good friends except for those moments when they hate each other with the fiery hate worse than death.


S is 16 today, taller than I am (not hard to do), smart and funny, impossibly annoying at times, helpful when he thinks about it (or when it's pointed out to him), always trying to push the limits, able to talk almost anyone into almost anything, ready to get his driver's permit and hit the road.



MsKnottyKnits said...

What a beautiful photo! Happy Birthday S!

gayle said...

Happy birthday!
My granddaughter is currently suffering through her little brother being age three. I told her I survived two little brothers - she can certainly survive one...