Friday, January 21, 2011

1.21.11 Frustrations

  1. Our new(er) computer goes to sleep when not used, to be woken up with a tap on the power button. The screen on the computer goes to sleep before the computer does, to be woken up with a wiggle of the mouse. If one sits down to the computer and thinks that the computer is asleep when it really is only the screen, and therefore taps the power button, the computer powers down instead of waking up. No amount of shrieking - "No you stupid thing, wake up, don't shut down" stops it from its mission at that point.
  2. I've been slowly culling a set of books from the shelves, for the purpose of handing them to S as his next series to read (the Belgariad by David Eddings, FWIW). I had all of them except the first one located. Last week, in a fit of AHA! I found the first one and handed it to him. All of the rest of them have vanished. They are not in my bedroom, not on the shelves in the living room or the dining room, not in his bedroom, not in the office...
  3. I miss having a dog. The squirrels have decided that a cat is insufficient protection to make them leave the bird feeder alone. I have threatened to send J and S out on some dark night to pee all around the perimeter as the dog used to do.


gayle said...

To find the missing books, just start pulling another series for S. When you go to set them down, you'll probably set them right on top of the missing ones. (This usually works for me, anyway...)

MsKnottyKnits said...

The case of the missing books is always hard for me. Normally I can think of the plot but not the name. Nothin' but genius over here.