Saturday, January 01, 2011

1.1.11 Happy New Year

I don't make resolutions. I do have intentions (and superstitions). One of my superstitions is that I should spend New Year's Day doing those things which represent the things I want to spend the next year doing. This also implies not doing those things I don't want to spend the year doing.

Superstition or representation of intention, this generally works. It is easier to demonstrate that this works if we discuss the negative rather than the positive. After I spent three New Year's Days avoiding doing any housework, thereby showing my intention of avoiding housework three years running, the house was a mess. It worked, after a fashion...

2010 was somewhat of a lousy year chez nous. I don't usually discuss personal issues in a public forum, and since the personal issues have been somewhat all-consuming, there hasn't been much public forum activity. When all I have to discuss is stuff I'm not going to discuss, not much discussion happens.

So, that being said, here're the things I'm doing today, representatives of intentions for 2011:

1. Not spending all my time worrying about the things that I have to worry me.
2. Reading.
3. Activities with my family - a jigsaw puzzle with J, advising K on her sewing project, chatting with S about school and books.
4. Spinning.
5. Knitting.
6. Planning new projects for 4 and 5.
7. Planning and executing a blog entry.
8. A certain amount of housework (see above).
9. Avoiding doing those things which tend to be my avoidance tactics. I want to do useful things today.

and last but not least, I've got my red underpants on. I've never quite known whether this is supposed to make you be lucky or get lucky, but I'm taking no chances.


Cookie said...

There you are! I like your approach to the new year and the logic behind the red undies. I hope this year is a kind one.

Happy New Year!

pacalaga said...

Hey! Missed you! I like your approach too. As soon as I get that laundry done I'm changing into my red undies.

Squish said...

Going to put on red underpants now. Sounds much better than sauerkraut and pork or cabbage and black eyed peas. :D

MsKnottyKnits said...

Yay! Welcome back! I hope this new year starts off in gentle fashion!

gayle said...

I've figured out my problem - I don't own any red underpants! (Must go buy some...)
Love your post. May your year be full of joy and curiosity.