Saturday, August 07, 2010

8.7 Summer fun

While both teenagers were away, J and I ran away for a couple of nights at a B&B. (Bristol Views Bed and Breakfast in Naples, NY. Converted old farmhouse, lovely views, great place to stay.) We went hiking along the Finger Lakes Trail early in the morning before it got too hot, and then we went down to Grimes Glen.

I got Grimy Gulch stuck in my head and never can remember the name of the place, but fortunately for me, I took a picture.

We had been told that the bridge was out at the beginning of the trail (true) but that it was not too hard to ford the creek (mostly true) and the waterfalls were great to see (completely true.)


In fact, the valley is all shale, mostly crumbling away and the trail sort-of goes up each side of the creek.


We observed that we had come ill-prepared for the hike - the locals all wore water shoes and followed the trail on one side until it crumbled away, then sloshed across the creek to the other side for a while.


When I slipped and got one foot soggy on the way back down the creek, I gave up and followed local custom. I had sandals in the car and the sun was hot enough my shoes were dry by the next morning.


Cookie said...

So beautiful!

gayle said...

I have relatives galore in the Finger Lakes area. I go visit a couple of times a year. So pretty!

Cathy said...

What a wonderful walk! The waterfall is just "wow"!

Of course I wonder what the fossilized tree looks like.