Sunday, August 29, 2010

8.29 Grey stuff

Two years in a row I bought the same sheep's fleece from Whitefish Bay. It was a spotted grey and white. Last year I shipped both fleeces off to a small processor and got a nice note back that my fleeces were in the queue and I'd hear something back in about 15 months. 13.5 months later, here they are.


Well worth the wait.


So now I have 11 pounds of perfectly wonderful Corriedale roving, suitable for short or long draw, that's going to make a lovely tweedy yarn. One of the nicest preparations I've tried spinning.

They also returned this to me:


I've never had anyone return the discarded fiber to me. I'm not sure what to do with other than use it for mulch. Ideas?


Cookie said...

What beautiful fluff!

Use it as stuffing for cat toys? Maybe? :?


Diane said...

Holy moley 11 pounds! It looks divine. Now see that looks like the way to process fleece -- no fuss, no muss, get someone else to do it and enjoy the fruit of their labors. Smart thinking.

Manise said...

Beautiful fiber! I've bought from WFB 2 years in a row and love it. What processor did you use? Looks like pin-drafted roving. Is it?

Cathy said...

Lovely!! So much fun to get roving back, isn't it? So worth the wait.

I suppose felt it for cat toys? Or as stuffing for something-or-another? I have never had a mill return fluff to me either.

gayle said...

Beautiful fiber!
I'd felt the leftovers. Or maybe neps for another spinning project?